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Project Puente: a bridge of friendship / un puente de amistad

What is Project Puente?

Project Puente (Bridge Project) is a non-profit located along the U.S.- Mexican border, specifically in the border community of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua.

We offer a border immersion program, focusing on the issues of global economics and immigration. With these topics occupying the spotlight in public and political debate, it is more important than ever that US citizens witness a reality affected by our policies and lifestyles.

We call ourselves Project Puente because we view our work as that of building bridges between people in the hopes of working toward a more just world.

West has recently returned from a Midwest speaking tour- check out this article from a university at which he spoke.


Three Unique Immersion Trips

Project Puente is now offering three unique immersion trip programs for groups who are looking to learn about the realities of the border and immigration.

An encounter at the border fence.

El Paso Immersion - Service Project

designed for groups who prefer to stay on the U.S. side of the border and would like to include a service project component.

Women and children from the Palomas Family Cooperative, wearing one of their products, oil cloth aprons.

El Paso - Palomas Border Immersion

groups will spend time in El Paso as well as in Palomas, a quiet Mexican town just over an hour from El Paso/Juarez.

Participants get to know a family in Juarez

El Paso - Ciudad Juarez Border Immersion

groups will visit several people and agencies on both sides of this unique border community.

We are always happy to custom-design an immersion trip based on the focus and goals of your group. Please see the “Border Immersion Trips” section of the website for more information!